This podcast offers a smooth bossa nova intro jingle and then about 30 minutes of solo semi-planned monologuing about classic literature by an ex-professor of literature with the goal of… uh, saving souls, or whatever. You guys get it. There are links all over the place, like up in the menus and probably over in the side bars, but here’s another one to the page where the podcast will be first available and easiest to access. Here’s a look at what might be coming in the first six months or so — feel free to put in requests:

  1. Intro & loose plan…
  2. Thucydides — nature & war
  3. Gilgamesh — alt-Genesis
  4. Tacitus — Late Empire
  5. Bede — the enchanted worldview
  6. Dante — sin & society
  7. Gospel of John — if the world hates you, remember
  8. Bhagavad Gita — why we fight
  9. Emerson’s Transcendentalism — oversoul & optimism
  10. William James’ Varieties — the mystical experience
  11. Iliad — thinking in analogies
  12. The Odyssey — hero’s journey
  13. Moby-Dick — revenge
  14. Tao Te Ching — be like water
  15. Notes from Underground — against science
  16. Death of Ivan Ilyich — what really matters
  17. Walt Whitman — e pluribus unum
  18. Kafka — modernity & alienation
  19. Thoreau — a loser’s history
  20. Zarathustra — poetry as philosophy
  21. Robert Frost — language and metaphysics
  22. Wallace Stevens — image and absence
  23. Flannery O’Connor — violence and virtue
  24. Victor Pelevin — postmodernity
  25. Cormac McCarthy — realism and brutality

I can’t even tell anymore whether everyone else has stopped trying, but it remains a goal of mine to integrate all my “selves” so that I don’t have to lie and pretend when I’m around him or him or him or her or her. My approach has been mostly what Pseudo-Dionysus defined as the via negativa, which means I have tried to avoid untruth. Truth, God — these often remain silent, and so you have to home in by spiritual and rational echo-location, ya dig? So I suppose that will largely remain the approach for this podcast, but I’m going to add a dash of optimism here — without being untrue, of course!